A layering of Piano and Cello blended to the most romantic, sentimental sound. There exists no Lullaby album like this one. TANIA adapts pieces such as Twinkle Twinkle, Persian Folk World Tunes, Leonard Cohen’s Hallelujah into an intimate collection.┬áPossibly one of the Great Lullaby Albums out there. There is no collection ever created like this for Child and Parent alike. Created by Iranian born Artist, Composer, Pianist and Mother, TANIA. It took her over four years to put this album together. It started with Twinkle Twinkle and Fre Jaque to lull her babies to sleep and grew into an abundant collection of adaptations. It is the most ROMANTIC, SENTIMENTAL, PROVACATIVE and TOUCHING arrangement. Never has a Persian Artist achieved a collection that takes the listener,child or grown-up from Europe, Italy, France, Germany to the Middle East of Iran. Twinkle





The new album “A Road to Tehran-Journey Home” reflects Tania Eshaghoff’s musical life’s journey through her own physical travels between the worlds of Iran and the Modern West. This current project is a fond look back to that time and place through her e

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