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Lullaby Project

6 Songs, 37 Minutes

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Playing Keyboard with Baby In Lap
"This body of work, THE LULLABY PROJECT I hope will allow ones mind to wander to a beautiful place- never ever realizing that the music disguises the lullaby and nursery rhymes we all have kept in our consciousness. The pieces are arranged so that one never really senses the length of time. I hope it takes you to a peaceful, inspiring, dreamy, romantic and endearing place. The sounds will create a place to go in ones mind of love, comfort, familiarity and to a place we all keep as Home" - Tania


The Lullaby Project created by Iranian born Artist, Composer, Pianist and now proud mother, Tania. This Project took her over four years to create. What drives her music is the innate need to express her identity with influences of Persian Culture. Having to leave Iran during the revolutionary war of 1980 she experienced a disconnect between who she wants to become (American- Free) and who she is suppose to be (Iranian woman- Duty and Obligations). It is her hope that this Project will begin dialogue among the very young who have a Persian background and also introduce this style to the non native. The arrangement was done purposefully so that it is approachable to the very young and written in a landscape and technique that is adaptable for them to understand. She fears that the Persian Traditions and language in America is dying. The hope is that hearing elements and certain styles of Persian Instrumental Folk Tunes will create an interest in the young to discover the music on their own. The goal is to keep our identity in the every powerful melting pot of America.

It started with Twinkle Twinkle and Fre Jaque to lull her babies to sleep and grew into an abundant collection of adaptations. It is romantic, sentimental, touching and at times provocative. This body of work takes the listener,child and adult from Europe, Italy, France, Germany to the Middle East of Iran.


  1. Twinkle Twinkle - Adaptation of Hatikvah
  2. Friedberg Lullaby - Blue Button Rainforest Mobile
  3. Fre Jaque - Adaptation Halelujah
  4. Adagio G Minor
  5. Rashid Khan
  6. Nedjat's Lullaby - Dastgah Chargah